Modern Cloth Nappies

Modern cloth nappies are perfect for that eco friendly person. They are super easy to use, they come in lots of gorgeous prints for both little boys and girls. They also save you a tonne of money in the long run! 

The "double Gusset" nappies feature an additional, extra soft elastic barrier just inside the main leg elastics. This extra gusset creates an additional barrier in order to contain any mess and avoid any leakage - think of it as extra "insurance"!

Putting it all together, the insert will slide into the pocket of the shell, to create the perfect cloth nappy system for your little one.

As the insert is the absorbency part of the nappy, it has been specifically designed to quickly wick away any moisture (wee), leaving your babies skin feeling dry. By sliding the insert into the pocket of the shell, you are creating a barrier (the bamboo fleece layer) between babies skin and the insert. The bamboo fleece does not absorb the wee, rather it allows it to pass through and be absorbed into the insert.

Having this layer of protection between the insert and babies skin, allows for the insert to be changed without having to change the complete nappy (please note, we recommend changing the entire nappy every 2-3 changes however if baby does a poo, the entire nappy will need to be changed).

These nappies can be used from newborn up to the age of 2-3 years old. Recommended weights are between 3 - 18 kgs.